Nov 17, 2021


  • The Markdown editor now supports math typesetting using KaTeX.

UI and UX

  • The submission review interface was updated to show all previous feedback, even if a grading is undone.

  • The school administration interface’s list of students in a course now shows the counts of displayed and total number of students.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the file size limit for Vimeo uploads to be set too low under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed an issue with a community post’s history page, where the name of the editor of a post would be displayed incorrectly.

Sep 28, 2021


  • Add support for audio recording in curriculum editor and submission builder.

  • Added two new filters to the review dashboard to filter submissions by the coach who is assigned to the submission, and the coach who has reviewed the submission.

  • Coaches can now self-assign a pending submission in the review dashboard

  • Added a new filter in review dashboard to include submission from inactive students

  • Created a brand new review dashboard for coaches

  • The markdown editor now allows syntax highlighting of the most popular languages

  • Support content alignment in markdown editor

  • Added a new behavior for the target review checklist which will clear the selection after generating the feedback.

  • School admins can now set up a processing URL for courses with public signup enabled. Students will be redirected to the processing URL for further processing.

  • School admins can now clone a course from the course editor in the school admin interface

  • Enable auto-linking for links in the markdown editor.

UI and UX

  • Updated the course ended and level locked messages to make them more explicit.


  • Introduced support for content delivery network (CDN) for uploaded files.


  • Fixed a broken styling for student submission listing in review submission page

  • Fixed an issue on the review dashboard that produced a UI crash when an incorrect filter was applied.

  • Fixed a bug in the community filter that used to ignore the created date when the last activity was blank

  • Fixed the broken styling for grade card in the students interface

  • Fixed a bug in the curriculum editor that creates a crash when the school admin tries to access the curriculum page for an archived course

  • Fixed a bug in the submission builder that blocked the user from submitting more than two files.

  • Fixed a validation bug for submissions with file input in the review dashboard.

  • Fixed a bug that cleared the prerequisite for targets in draft mode.

  • Fixed a bug in the target group archival service that ignored draft targets while archiving.

  • Fixed an issue that reported incorrect access ended for users on the dashboard.

  • Fixed broken UI for target status listing on the course curriculum page.

  • Fixed an incorrect validation in the Vimeo upload component which was rejecting .mov files.


  • Remove the “excluded from leaderboards?” question from the student profile editor

May 17, 2021


  • A new option has been added to the course editor, that allows its curriculum to be made visible to the public. This option adds a link to the curriculum to course’s public details page, and allows users who are not logged in to preview the course (similar to how an admin can preview courses). This option does not allow the public to interact with a course (mark targets as complete, submit work for review, etc.) in any way.

  • Students can now be bulk imported into a course by uploading a CSV file containing their details - the bulk import CSV accepts the same information and options available in the regular student addition form.

  • Courses can now be archived. Archiving a course completely hides a course from view, and is retrievable only by school admins. The courses list in the school administration interface has a also been updated to display archived and ended courses separately from other active courses. Courses whose end date has passed will also be hidden from view on quick navigation elements of the school administration interface. However, the pages of such ended courses remain accessible as before, including for students.

UI and UX

  • Targets with quizzes and those that allow students to submit work for review now have links at the bottom of the content that take them to the quiz, or submission tab. This makes the experience of interacting with such targets similar to when they’re simply marked as complete, or compelted by visiting a link.

  • Fixed an issue on the school sign-in page, where pressing the Enter key would not submit the form.

  • Fixed an issue where students whose access to a course has ended would not see that information on their dashboard’s list of courses.

  • Updated the notification alert dot’s positioning in the school admin interface, and it now includes a pulsing effect to draw attention.

  • Updated the links displayed on school’s homepage to account for different states that a student could have in relation to a course. This change also fixed a bug where a student would be shown the link to view the curriculum, even if they had been dropped out.

  • Added edit links to student’s curriculum view, to allow logged in school admins and authors to quickly navigate to the editor.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause a UI crash, when navigation from one target with a quiz, to its prerequisite that also has a quiz.

  • Fixed an issue where the API would respond with a CSRF failure code when authentication fails. The API now properly responds with an error message indication issue with authentication when that is applicable.

  • Fixed an issue where the level selector on the student’s view of the curriculum would not scroll when a course has a very large number of levels.

Feb 09, 2021


  • Pupilfirst now supports in-app notifications, and can be installed as a Progressive Web App on modern operating systems. Currently in-app notifications are created only for community events such as to notify coaches when their students create a topic, or to notify topic participants when someone replies to their posts. We’ll expand the variety of notifications and improve control over this feature after observing how it’s used.

  • Community users can now search for topics based on the content of posts by users within topics (fuzzy search); this makes it much easier to look for past topics where certain concepts or keywords have been explained.

  • We’ve started work on making Pupilfirst’s API publicly accessible. As a part of this, we’ve released documentation for the GraphQL API, covering the few queries and mutations that are currently available for clients that authenticate using an access token.

UI and UX

  • Links pasted in Markdown are now automatically converted into hyperlinks.

  • Keyboard navigability / accessibility of the coach’s review interface has been improved.

  • In the coach’s review interface, we’ve updated the default sort order for listed submissions to make the most common workflow easier. The Pending tab defaults to showing oldest submissions at the top, while the Reviewed tab defaults to showing latest reviewed submissions at the top.

  • The level quick-navigation buttons at the bottom of the student’s curriculum are now hidden when the student is eligible to level up. Prior to this change, these buttons would still be visible, but clicking on them wouldn’t cause any visible change, since the curriculum itself was being hidden until the student clicked the Level Up button.

  • Improved the experience of marking posts on the community as a solution, and added a quick navigation button below the initial post, to jump to the post marked as the solution.


  • Fixed inability to attach .mov (Quicktime) video files on the curriculum editor’s video uploader. Support for other formats has also been improved.

  • Fixed a UI bug that could occur while re-reviewing older student submissions in certain circumstances.

  • Archived community topics are no longer shown in the target Discuss tab.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to sign up to a public course multiple times using the same email address, by using different casing on the characters of the email address. The public course sign-up form now properly ignores the case of email address when looking for existing users with the same address.

  • Course authors can now assign draft targets as prerequisites to other targets in the same level. Prior to this fix, such assignment would cause the student’s UI to crash.

  • Updating a target or its group’s properties will no longer cause their sort position to change.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented new students from being tagged when joining public courses.

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