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Teaching is difficult. Teaching online even more so. PupilFirst gives you a proven method to keep your students engaged while keeping you, the teacher, always in the loop.

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Teachers can have decades of experience dealing with students and their needs offline. But online teaching is a different beast, involving new issues such as demotivation among students, difficulty in interacting with them and lack of collaboration - all of which needs to be tackled.

Teaching online often misses out on perks that an offline experience offers. Missing these crucial bits can leave your students feeling stranded. PupilFirst brings the focus back on the student, with tools that give students a sustained feeling of progression and to keep you involved in their journey.

PupilFirst is built by a team that has been teaching students online for the past three years on a range of topics. We're sharing techniques that we've developed over that time, so that you too can give your students the best.

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