May 24, 2022


  • Admins can now search for inactive students using their email address in the page listing inactive students in a course.

  • Coaches are now able to review submissions of inactive students for a configurable period of time after they’re rendered inactive.

  • Added support for task lists, displayed as checkboxes, in the Markdown editor.

  • Videos uploaded using the Vimeo upload feature will now have default title set to the target title, if not supplied by the user.

  • The list of students shown to coaches now includes information about the time that they last visited the LMS.

UI and UX

  • Improved accessibility in all the school administration pages.


  • Fixed a bug where disbanding a team resulted in all the submission feedback for the students in the team getting deleted.

  • When emailing feedback for a submission, students are now addressed by their name and not by their team’s name.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed coaches marked as exited to still moderate and participate in communities.

  • Fixed a bug where students added as part of a team were missing tags assigned to each student.

Mar 28, 2022


  • Docker images of Pupilfirst LMS are now available on Docker Hub.

  • Users can now select the Russian language for the UI (translation is incomplete).

  • Emails that allow users to sign by visiting a URL with a one-time token now mention the time at which that URL will expire.

  • Added support for reordering checklist items in the Review Checklist.

  • Course authors can now add multi-line instructions for steps that students follow to submit work for review.

  • Third-party apps can now submit status reports for student submissions.

  • School admins can export data of inactive students from courses.

  • Switched to hybrid email design template for emails sent from the platform.

  • Students can now search posts by title and content in the community.

UI and UX

  • Improved accessibility across several user interfaces of the LMS.

  • Improved the print layout of target content, to allow print-outs or PDF exports of targets to look better.

  • Improved the styling of the language selector on the User profile edit page to account for listing more than one language.


  • Fixed an image rendering bug that forced users to download images on click, rather than opening the image in a new browser tab.

  • Hid the Reply button for the posts when the topic is locked.

  • Fixed a bug that led to UI crash in school admin courses details page when the page was reloaded with a selected course.

  • Fixed a bug that caused federated sign to fail on user sign in.

  • Improved grammar of notification shown when one or more team members still need to complete a target.

  • Fixed a bug in coaches’ review interface that caused the list of submissions to change order after clicking the button to load more submissions.

  • Archived submissions are no longer included course exports.

  • Fixed a bug in Markdown rendering that resulted in the partial rendering of content in a course’s About page.

  • Fixed a bug in closing the content editor after a content block with unsaved changes is deleted.

  • Fixed a bug in Markdown rendering that caused links to open on the same tab.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented a final confirmation email from being sent to users who just deleted their account.

  • Audit records are now created when users accounts are deleted automatically due to them passing an inactivity threshold.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the LMS to crash when the Search and Solved filters were used together on the community.

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