Jan 13, 2020


  • The grading scheme has been made much more flexible by moving it out of a course, and into individual evaluation criteria. This allows targets to be graded on multiple criteria, each of which can have their own grading scale.

  • The course data export feature has been improved and expanded. Admins can now choose to export data only about reviewed targets, the Targets and Students sheet now includes average grades, grouped by evaluation criteria, and grades for all submissions are included in the sheet. There are also a few other quality of life improvements: see the Github pull request for more information.

  • Coaches and school admins can now access the content of locked levels. School admins have access to locked levels across all courses, whereas coaches can access locked levels of courses where they have assigned students.

  • Coaches can now archive their own notes on a student’s report page.

UI and UX

  • The course’s preview mode, available to school admins and coaches, now loads the curriculum at the first level of a course, instead of the last.


  • The target details overlay is now displayed only if the target is live; earlier, it would open, but fail to load a target’s details because of it’s state.